"It is GREAT to have a trainer who takes the time to understand your physical issues and works with you to overcome them. That is why I drag myself out at 5 am to train at Fuel Fitness with John Copeland. 

Having a trainer in your corner who listens to you and takes your individual concerns, weaknesses and imbalances into consideration is priceless. Add to that the time he takes to study, research and create a workout that is right for YOU is not something you find in most places.

I am not a young woman (physically). I have a significant scoliosis curve that affects my ability to move without pain. During my time training with John, we have worked together to get my form right, relax muscles that have overcompensated and bring balance (with less pain) back to me."

- Juanita DeRuyter

"Thrilled for John and Jered on this new path!

I have been working with Jered for the last several months. This new gym is fantastic and the one on one time I receive is perfect! Very professional and at the same time a whole lot of fun. Jered is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and the injuries that may come with it. Jered has tailored my workouts accordingly. I am very grateful for the time and effort he puts into my training.

PLUS the new gym is clean..open and welcoming! Thank you Jered and John!"

- Alicia Force

"My wife and I have worked with John for several years. We have both had major surgeries recently and he knows how to adjust our routines to fit our needs while maximizing the benefits of the workout. Jered is also a great trainer and both are very personable. The new studio is fantastic and has plenty of parking. Workouts now feel much more private without 50 or more other people strutting around. 

We are glad they "Muv"-ed to this new location."

- Gailen Luce

"Great place. John is fantastic trainer. I've been there three times this week. It is just great."

- Judy Heaton

"Kudos to John and Jared! As an older woman I have enjoyed and profited from working with John for several years. He is tolerant of frailties with gentle encouragement to get better. He has developed loyalty and respect from clients by treating them kindly with good humor.I have watched clients working with Jared show great results, while having a good time. I would recommend both without hesitation."


- Sarah Hesslink

"Congratulations John and Jered. This is a significant upgrade and I love everything about your new space. Clean, really nice locker room, PARKING, cool equipment. And the mindbodyonline website is easy and convenient. We'll all work very hard together! Thanks for making such a nice studio."

- Sandra Kernerman