Fuel Fitness provides our clients the opportunity to exceed their fitness expectations.  This is delivered through expert coaching, high-quality equipment and an exceptional exercise system.  When a client is provided dynamic exercise routines in an individual or group setting, has fun and uses everyday functional movements, he or she is far more likely to succeed in the following areas: exercise more often, eat better, have less injuries and lose weight while gaining functional strength. Our systems provide all the elements necessary for participants to achieve their fitness goals.

Providing an exceptional client experience is at the core of what we believe in.  Our trainers, John Copeland and Jered Medina, believe in elevated customer experience with a strong commitment to sharing client goals, formulating customized fitness recommendations and encouraging personal bonds to ensure client success.  The duo believes in continuing education and staying current on fitness methods to provide our clients with the most accurately formulated programs.  

Despite a more specialized approach and more intimate involvement of the trainers, Fuel Fitness remains committed to maintaining extremely competitive training rates.   Fitness is a passion we want to share and we offer a variety of training options to meet the needs of anyone wanting to enhance their quality of life.